HOM3 is a dynamic italian design & digital services agency.
Born from the passion for creativity and innovation, we have evolved into a multi-disciplinary studio: we offer you a wide array of services, from product design to branding, from web development to graphics and illustrations.

Our team involves professionals and companies working together on innovation design projects, strategic web communication and creative solutions. We can guide you step by step through the realization of your project: from the concept creation to the production of a communication strategy.
Our agency is able to meet both your technical and artistic needs, with the best professionals, to achieve your goals.


Web & Visual development

Experts in web technology and communication solutions, we combine our technical and creative skills with our dedicated support to bring you simply outstanding web development services, taking care of the project from the technical development to the communication strategy. We can develop business websites, portfolio websites, e-commerce, etc. with colors and graphics in accordance with the corporate identity.

Our visual designers will help you with choosing and designing the visual content: logos, catalogues, illustrations, infographics, pictures and videos, all the way to full branding and art direction projects.

Web Development

Graphic and Visual

Branding and Re-branding


Product & Perception Design

Our team has been developing design projects for the last ten years.
We can follow the development of a product through all its stages: from the concept to the prototyping and pre-production samples.
We offer you a full-package service to create your product, together with a dedicated communication campaign and visual aesthetic.

Codice 9 a segment of our agency focuses on strategic use of color.
Together with B&B colordesign, we study tinting processes on different surfaces and buildings following the innovative principles of perception design.

industrial design

urban design



Christian Argenta

Christian Argenta

Dario Martinelli

Dario Martinelli

Giuseppe Muriglio

Giuseppe Muriglio